2017 Summer Institute

Working Together to Transform the Educational Landscape

2017 Summer Institute by ElevateEDU brings together area educators and the KC community to lead the charge for education transformation. Not a typical conference! This is a day to connect beyond the walls of our schools and become part of a growing professional community. It is a day to cultivate and share our passions, elevate our craftsmanship and push the boundaries of today’s classroom to empower our students to lead the next generation.

What is ElevateEDU?

We Are


Are You?  Join Us!!!!

ElevateEDU is a collective group of educators, businesses and entrepreneurs on a mission to transform the educational landscape for all kids. We believe relationships are at the core of great teaching and learning; therefore, we focus on creating purposeful collisions and meaningful connections through our multi-state network of educators, businesses, and entrepreneurs. As curators, coordinators, and sponsors of ongoing professional learning opportunities, we inspire and empower educators to elevate their craft through networkingpartnerships, and entrepreneurial endeavors. By leveraging the power of technology, the freedom to innovate, and our connected community, we work together to transform the educational landscape!

Why attend?

  • To get inspired through meaningful collisions and make new connections leading to a lasting community.
  • To participate in an amazing array of professional learning opportunities and discover something new.
  • To celebrate the amazing people and things happening in education.
  • To get involved and lead the charge for education transformation.
  • To join optional year-long impact groups

On July 28 you will have the opportunity to...

Start off your day colliding with fellow educators and elevate your morning with a design thinking challenge! Work together as a team showing your innovative and creative spirit and compete for prizes.

Our Innovation Landscape  Join your ElevateEDU team for a Ignite Talks. Think outside the box, ponder new ideas as you collide with KC educators and get INSPIRED!

Discover Something New Personalize your learning by building the path that excites you as a learner. A variety of concurrent sessions in various formats will be available.

  • Play Date: Want to get hands on or explore interactive technologies that enhance learning?  Join an extended playground or creativity session.
  • Virtual Date: Connect with awesome educators from around the world and expand your horizons.
  • Coffee Date: Want to share ideas during a facilitated discussion? Attend a conversation-based session.
  • Date with an Expert: Want information delivered and the ability to ask questions of the presenter? Attend an interactive lecture.
  • Lunch Date: Want to grab a bite to eat, process your new learning, or connect with a new friend?

Concurrent Session Themes for Redefining Teaching and Learning Include:

  • Transforming Pedagogy/Innovative Instructional Practice
  • Transforming Virtual Spaces
  • Transforming Physical Spaces
  • Transforming Communication
  • Transforming Community Partnerships
  • Transforming Classroom Culture- Empowered Learners-Student Voice/Choice
  • Transforming Classroom Management-Tips and Tricks for High Access Environment
  • Transforming Professional Learning and Leadership
  • Transforming Technology Support
  • Transforming Use of Time

Speed Date with KC Community EdPartners In 2016, educators connected with many community edpartners that resulted in awesome opportunities to create real change in their schools. Claim your seat at a table that interests you, among education’s key partners who are ready to help your school or classroom.

Want to help shape the future of ElevateEDU? Let’s start brainstorming and working together to transform the educational landscape. Get involved and lead the charge. Let’s plan our next steps!    

Throughout the Day Industry representatives are available to answer your questions and demonstrate how their products and services are elevating the education experience. Experience flexible learning in our collisions lounge. Come pull up a seat and network.

Conference Location

Manual Career Tech Center

1215 East Truman Road                                                                                                      Kansas City Missouri, 64106